Michael Gordon


LETTER 1 (A formal printed invitation card)

NEWBRIDGE ASSOCIATES 346 Fitzharding Square Manchester, VT 23867
INVITATION I will/ will not* be able to attend the New England Tourism and Travel Corporation Roadshow at the Arlton Hotel in Chicago Wednesday, October 2, at 6:00 NAME: Andrew Lloyd COMPANY: Lloyd & Lloyd, Ltd. * Please delete as appropriate R.S.V.P. Franca Lester Tel. (783) 567-3245

LETTER 2 (Accepting a formal invitation)

Dear Mr. Andrews:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drake thank the Management Team of the Winchester Corporation for the invitation to attend the dinner dance honoring William R. Chesterfield on May 22, which they will be happy to attend.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Drake

Charles Drake

LETTER 3 (An informal invitation)

October 16, 20…

Dear Sirs

We are pleased to announce that we have moved our office to a spacious new building at a new location.

We certainly hope you can join us on that day. Please let us know if you can, so that we can finalize our program.


Alice Adams

Alice Adams

LETTER 4 (Asking for an appointment)

April 2, 20…

Dear Mr. Smith

Ms. Diane Bond, national production manager of our sales catalog division, will be in Boston on Thursday, April 26 and would like to tour your printing plant in nearby Cambridge during that afternoon.

Would it be convenient for you or your assistant to meet her on this date? I will get in touch with you by telephone early next week to make an appointment.


Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

LETTER 5 (Making arrangements)

March 12, 20…

Dear Ms. White:

I enjoyed talking to you on Tuesday. The Dorset Hotel does have the facilities that our company needs to schedule its annual shareholders’ meeting on April 2, with check-in time scheduled for 9:30 A.M.

I hereby confirm that we have booked the Essex Room, which can comfortably seat 100 people; the Flamingo Suite (spacious seating for at least 15 people) for press meetings; and the Washington Dining Room (seating capacity for more than 100 people) where drinks and luncheon will be served after the shareholders’ meeting.

We also need the following audiovisual and other equipment and services:

· In the Essex Room:

- Public address system

- One VHS videocassette player

- Four television monitors

- One overhead projector and screen

- Coffee and tea service

· In the Flamingo Suite:

- One flip chart

- Coffee, beverages

· In the Washington Dining Room:

- Public Address system

- One motion picture projector

- One motion picture screen

- Beverages

- Luncheon (including wine service)

I will telephone you on March 29 about the arrangements as outlined above. Please send me your written confirmation.


Albert Green

Albert Green

LETTER 6 (A letter of reference)

September 25, 20…

To Whom It May Concern

Mr. Clarence Logan has been on our sales staff for the past eight years and has compiled an excellent sales record. He is a friendly person by nature and has won the friendship as well as the business patronage of his customers. We have convincing evidence of that from the letters we have received in response to the announcement that he is leaving our company on his own volition since he feels that he has advanced as far as possible under our current employment plan. For that reason, he has decided to look for a position in a larger organization.

We are sorry to see Mr. Clarence Logan go, because he has shown himself to be capable, resourceful, well-disciplined, intelligent, and pleasant. Therefore, we recommend him with enthusiasm since he should be a valuable asset to any company.